Back to School Featured Product Part 2 - Binders

 Back to School Featured Product Part 2 – Binders



Back-To-School Featured Product 

I’m excited to share binders for ​​Part 2 of my Back To School featured product series!  

Have fun with you own personalized binders!  Whether it is for Back-to-school, keeping your school work, or putting other paper in to it, this is cute way to do it!  Makes a great gift for any child! What kid wouldn’t love to see his or her own name on their binder!

Every binder is custom made to order with your child’s name or school subject on it.  With most of the designs, you have the option to pick the hair color, boy or girl, or figure you want included in the design.  Not sure on a color that is include. Just let me know and I will be happy to customize your item to your liking.

There is a binder design for each kid in your family

  • Ballerinas
  • Firefighters
  • Gymnast
  • Farmer
  • Emoji
  • Basketball Player
  • Hockey Player
  • Baseball Player
  • Monster Truck
  • And So Many More…

Want to save a little bit of money?  I am offering 10% off each binder you buy! 
(expires 8/14/18 midnight EST)

  And did you know? Every binder has free shipping! (inside the U.S only) 

to get 10% off you each BInder!

(Expires 8/14/18 midnight EST)

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