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After months, maybe even a year or two of thinking about it, I decided to try using some Essential Oils in my everyday life.  I had heard great things from friends about how it has helped them and thought it was worth a try.  

Though it has only been a few months, I LOVE the EO I’ve been using and trying.  

I could tell you all the ways I’ve been using and what I’ve been using, but I thought I would share one of my favorite ways.  🙂

If you know me well, you know I am a recovering Chapstick-aholic!  lol  I don’t use it as much as I used to, but I used to put Chapstick on my lips several times a day.  I recently have been trying to go a more “natural” route with what I am using on my body and even in my house.  So, I started with what I use on my lips.  Up until a few months ago, I was using a more “natural” brand which I like, but at times it could leave a weird taste in my month.  

In the beginning of February a friend introduced me to Young Living EO.  While talking about the Oils she made some lip balm for me to take home.  I LOVED it and thought, “Wow, that is easy to make!  I should try it myself.”   So after I purchased all the supplies needed, I made some for myself!

I’ve now made several batches for myself, my boys and my nephews and nieces!  Not only are they great to have for yourself they make great gifts too!  I think they are yummy!!

The recipe I used was from A Better Way to Thrive.  This is her DIY Lip Balm Recipe with 3 flavor options recipes.  I found this makes a great lip balm!  

I did change the recipe just a little for my needs.  

Here is my version on the DIY Lip Balm.


– 1 TBS beeswax pellets

– 1 TBS coconut oil

– 1/2  TBS shea butter

– about 15-20 drops of EO

I used:

– 10 drops of Orange EO

– 7 drops of Tangerine EO

One batch makes about 6 lip balm tubes.  

I really enjoy the orange and tangerine, but you can use whatever EO you like!  That is the beauty of making your own.  You can customize it to your own liking!

(For full instructions or to see other lip balm recipes go to A Better Way to Thrive!) 

After I made the lip balms I wanted a nice label for them.  I thought about just using a white address labels sticker and writing it on, but that seemed boring.  Then I went online to see what I could find.  After looking at what was available and what it would cost I thought,  “I have the software, the clip art, and full sheet of sticker paper.  I should just make them myself!”  So that is what I did!  

I made a couple of different designs for myself, then my 5 year old thought it would be neat to have some firetruck labels.    

Of course, what does my ETSY mind start thinking?  “Huh, that wasn’t hard to make, I wonder if I could sell them.  Wonder if anyone would buy them.  Well, it doesn’t hurt to try!”

And that is how a new line of products was created and started!  lol 

 Spring Flowers Blue Green Spring Butterflies Pink Blue Grey Firefighter Red Firetruck Red Dots

I have several more designs available in my JulsSweetDesigns Shop.  Check them out and find which ones you love!  


Also, if you want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils check out their site!  Or if you are wanting to order a Starter kit, this is a great month to do it!! 

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