Personalized Metal Ornaments

Personalized Metal Ornaments

Each Christmas my family likes to get a special Christmas tree ornament for each person.  Sometimes we pick out an ornament that “describes or expresses” a special memory of the year.  Or it might symbolize or describe what the year was like.  One year we made our own, and then another we painted a pre-made ornament in the colors and design of our choosing.

Last year I added ceramic ornaments to my shop.  So, of course, I wanted some ceramic ornaments for myself and my family!  I designed an ornament for each person in my family and they turned out adorable.  My kids loved how their ornament had their own name on it.  I even designed a few that we gave away as gifts to extended family.

Last year I was amazed, and excited, how well they sold in my shop around Christmas time!  I love being able to personalize the ornaments for each customer.  I’ve had several customers tell me how they enjoy getting a personalized ornament for their kids or grandkids and how they love the cute designs that I have to offer.  When I hear the stories of how they or their loved one have appreciated their personalized ornament, it always makes me sigh and think, “this is why I enjoy doing what I do.”  😊 I’ll admit it, I love putting smiles on the faces of other people. 😊😊

So, this year I am expanding my ornament line!  YAY!!!


 I now offer Metal Ornaments!


I am super excited about the ornaments!  Not only are they lightweight (ceramic can be heavy for some Christmas tree branches), but they also print crisper and clearer than the ceramic. (Ceramic ornaments do have a tendency to have a little halo effect and can have some blurring to them because they are never completely flat. The coating and ceramic do cause some dot gain.)

There are 10 different shape options. Each shape comes with the option to have it Single Sided or Double Sided. By default, the Double Sided will be the same design front and back, or you can choose to place a personalized message on the back!
Unless otherwise requested, the current year will be placed on the ornament.

– Bell – 3.3” x 3.3”
– Benelux – 3.95″x 2.75″
– Berlin – 3.95″x 2.75″
– London – 2.75″ x 4.1″
– Oval – 2.375″ x 3″
– Prague – 3″ x 3″
– Rectangle – 2″ x 3″
– Round – 3.5”
– Tapered – 2.75″ x 4.1″
– Tree – 3.38″ x 3.95″

– Durable Aluminum
– Ribbon
– Single Side or Double-Sided Option

I hope you are as excited about the cute, lightweight, personalized metal ornaments as I am!

I look forward to personalizing each one of the ornaments for you and your loved ones.

Don’t forget, that I can also change the colors of the ornaments or font.  Want something changed?  Ask, and I will see how I can personalize it just for you!

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