Camping Personalized Placemat - Camping Boy Girl Fire Camper Tent Backpack with Name, Customized Laminated Placemat

Camping Time Fun

It’s that time of year again! Time for some fun and relaxation. It is time to go camping!  Anyone else excited for some camping time?!  I know that camping is not everyone’s thing.  I don’t think it is really my thing sometimes.  lol   I’m the type of person who still desires to have some “comforts.”  I want a bed to sleep in and I appreciate a bathroom close by.

My family doesn’t currently have our own camper, but my In-Laws allow us to borrow theirs when we need it.  It’s an older Pop Up Camper, so it doesn’t have a bathroom in it.  So, a few years ago, I purchased a portable camper potty to put in it. Which, for me, makes big difference.  We are saving and looking for our own camper some day, but for now we are thankful for great parents who bless us with theirs for the time being.

So, in the spirit of thinking about going camping, I updated my Camping line in my JulsSweetDesigns Shop!

I offer some great items to use when camping, with your own personalized camper design.

If you you are looking for drink ware, I offer ceramic mugs, poly mugs and water bottles.

You can also add to the mugs or water bottle with other items that are great at the table!

A Placemat is a nice way to easily clean up after a messy meal.  

Polymer plates and bowls are nice to use when camping also. They are also very durable.

Cuddle up in a nice warm sherpa blanket. 

Kids will find bath time fun with their own personalized hooded towel. 

Even if it isn’t camping time, you can get other items that make you think about the fun times you have during camping! 

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