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Revamp, Rebuild, and Update

Revamp, Rebuild, and Update I am so excited to announce the Revamp, Rebuild, and Update to Juls Sweet Life! A few weeks ago, I decided that I was going to undertake a HUGE (at least for me) endeavor with my personal site Juls Sweet Life. I’ve had this site for a couple of years but

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Memories Life is full of memories.  Some memories you look back on and laugh and smile.  Others, may bring sadness and tears. This last week was a week that held both. Last Wednesday we celebrated our 2 born son’s 4th birthday!  It has been amazing to watch this boy grow from baby, to toddler, to

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Lip Balm Love

Lip Balm Love After months, maybe even a year or two of thinking about it, I decided to try using some Essential Oils in my everyday life.  I had heard great things from friends about how it has helped them and thought it was worth a try.   Though it has only been a few

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A Little Bit of Life

A Little Bit of Life Well I haven’t written in months! Mainly because life is crazy and I just haven’t sat down and taken the time to write out my thoughts. I have written many posts in my head, normally when it is time to be sleeping and my brain won’t stop thinking. 🙂 So here

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Loss … But Not Forgotten

This summer has been full of many emotions.  It has had fun and joyful moments and moments of tears and heart break.  It has been a summer that, as a family, we have walked down a path that we prayed we wouldn’t have to walk again. And it was a summer that has not gone as

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Beauty of the Rain

We have been dry here at our house and we’ve had little rain the last couple of months.  Even without the rain, my flower beds are FULL of weeds.  Overgrown, ugly weeds.  The ground has been so hard and dry, I haven’t felt like dealing with the aggravation of trying to pull or work on

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Why a Sweet Life

Wow!  I’m taking a leap and starting a blog!  Excited and nervous at the the same time.  Hope I can bring you some inspiration, wisdom and insight from my sweet life!   I thought I would start with why my life is sweet.  I could go on and on, but don’t worry, I thought I

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