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Memorial Day Celebrations and Free Water Bottle Label Printable

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  And it’s time for summer celebrations to begin!  To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to give away a Free Water Bottle Label Printable!  A free printable is always fun!

For most families, Memorial Day/weekend is spent enjoying picnics with friends and family.  So, in the spirit of picnic celebrations, I’m offering you a free page of water bottle label printables!


I’ve designed them, so that you have a nice white space on the front to write a person’s name.  After you download the file, all you need to do is print, cut them out and tape them on.  Or if you don’t want to tape the label on, you can purchase sticker paper.  (I like to purchase full sheet sticker paper, so I can print and cut out any size or shape that I might need.)

Bottle labels are not only fun to use but they are also practical!  How many times have you used a water bottle, walked away from the bottle, then you come back and either you can’t remember where you put it, or there are several other water bottles around and you don’t know which belongs to you.  Well, here is a fun way to solve that problem.  Now you can put a label on each bottle!  Practical and fun, that is always a good thing in my book.


Other than having a picnic, how do you spend your time on Memorial weekend? My family likes to celebrate the weekend by going to our family’s cabin in the woods.  It is a time for us to enjoy the outdoors by having a campfire, sitting and relaxing in the sun, and the kids love to play in the stream that is nice and full after the spring rains.  Most days we get to sleep in, (as much as our kids will let us 😊) have a late breakfast, and then we just spend the day relaxing because we don’t have much of a schedule.

On Sundays, we normally have extended family and friends over to have a picnic, which is always a fun time of fellowshipping, eating and laughter.  Then my little family heads home so we can be ready to have Memorial Day in our hometown.

Memorial Day starts with a parade and then continues with a Memorial Service in the park that honors those that have died serving our country.  For me this day, and remembrance of this day, has changed since I’ve been married.  My husband served and is an Army Veteran.  I am so proud of him and his years of service.

So, as you go about the day having picnics, and fun and games, please remember those who have given their time, energy, commitment, and lives for the service and protection of our country.  They are men and women, and families, that have sacrificed for the freedoms we have today in America.


Don’t forget to download your Water Bottle Labels!



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