Pencil Cases - Back to School Feature Product Part 5



Back-To-School Featured Product 

 Back to School Feature Product Part 5 – Pencil Cases


It’s time for our Back to School Featured Product series to come to an end! 

I hope you have enjoyed our time together and seeing the many school supply options that I have to offer.  They are all great for back to school time, or at anytime.

Since this is the final part to our series, I decided to save one of my favorites for last!  

Pencil Cases

We love our pencil cases at our house!  We use them when we are homeschooling to keep pencils and crayons.  And we also use them in our “quiet bag” that we take with us for church or other times we need to be quietly working.

The pencil cases also work great as a little carrying bag for makeup, small charging cords, or any other little things you might want to carry around.

Have fun with a personalized pencil case! Use it is for back-to-school, around the house, travel fun or just to keep your pencil all together, you can now do it with a little bit of personalized fun!

The pencil case fits great into a backpack, purse or any bag. You can use the pencil case for pens, pencils, color pencils or even crayons! Or any other fun little items you might like to carry around!

Every pencil case is custom made to order with your personalized name.

– 9” x 6”
– Durable Canvas
– Design on both sides
– Zipper Closure
– Care: spot clean with mild soap and water

There is a Pencil Case design for each kid in your family

Back to School Special Coupon!  

To finish off our Back to School Series I am offering 15% off each Folder, Binder, Clipboard, Notebook or Pencil Cases you buy! 

(expires 9/4/18 midnight EST)

  Every item has free shipping! (inside the U.S only)

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