Nursing Covers

Nursing Covers

Nursing Covers are designed to give you privacy and the feeling modest when you need to nurse when you are in public. A Nursing Covers make a great gift for any nursing mother!  They make a great Baby Shower gift to any new mommy-to-be.

The cover up measures approximately 24 inches (height) x 36 inches (width).  Which is a nice size to cover up your baby, your tummy and your sides!

The neck line also has approximately 19 inches of flexible boning in the top of the cover that allows you to have a nice view of your little one while you nurse. But it isn’t so wide that someone passing by can see down the cover too.

Metal D rings allow the option of adjusting the cover up to just the size that you need. The cover also folds up nicely into a diaper bag ready for anytime you are out and about!


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