A Little Bit of Life

A Little Bit of Life

Well I haven’t written in months! Mainly because life is crazy and I just haven’t sat down and taken the time to write out my thoughts. I have written many posts¬†in my head, normally when it is time to be sleeping and my brain won’t stop thinking. ūüôā

So here is a little bit of what has gone on since the last time I wrote.

In October we found out we were expecting again, but sadly the week before Thanksgiving we lost the baby. Because of all the bleeding that I experienced and then passing out on my husband, we ended up in the ER and the Dr. on call decided that best course of action was to do a D&C. Thanksgiving was a blur of tiredness for me. I had lost A LOT of blood and was feeling very tired and weak. It took me weeks to feel like I was back to my normal energy.

2015 was an emotionally and physically hard year for me. Losing 2 babies in a year to miscarriages was very hard. Though it was hard, I am so very thankful for the support and prayers of my family and friends. It is only through the strength God gave me that I was able to make it as well as I did. I am so blessed to have God walking by my side.

Here is a song that meant a lot to me this past year. It is called:

“Sovereign Over Us” by Michael W. Smith

It is a great reminder that we are not promised an easy, breezy life.  We will have trials. We will have pain.  But GOD is faithful forever, perfect in love and  HE is sovereign over us.

Months went by quickly, since life is rarely boring with two crazy little boys! ¬†At the beginning of March my husband left for 2 weeks of training with the Army. ¬†Instead of being local, he traveled to another country and was almost 1/2 way across the world. ¬†I had been feeling a little “off”, but thought maybe it was just anxiousness of him being gone. ¬†Nope! ¬†We were yet again expecting!

We are currently 27 weeks pregnant with a little girl! ¬†My boys are so excited.¬† Our oldest has been praying for a sister for almost a year. ¬†God has been good to us. ¬†Though there is still pain in our loss, God has blessed us so much. ¬†We have two healthy, active little boys and now a little girl on the way. ¬† I think many times “God has richly blessed us”.

Life has kept us busy.  Summer brings church softball games, play dates with cousins, swimming and many other adventures.  Last week we had our church VBS and my husband and I co-taught K5-2 grades!  Life is rarely boring and every day is a new adventure.


Maybe next post I will have to get you caught up on all the fun things going on with my JulsSweetDesigns shop!

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