Leather, Wood & A Glowforge

Leather, Wood & A Glowforge

So, there have been a few more changes the last couple of months here at JulsSweetDesigns.  Changes that I am VERY excited to share with you all! So let’s talk Leather, Wood & A Glowforge! 

If you happen to follow me on Instagram or Facebook, or if you have checked out my Store, you will see some new and exciting types of handmade items available in my store. 


New Categories 

At the end of January, I purchased a new business tool, a Laser Engraver!!  My Glowforge is a beautiful machine (if you can call a machine beautiful lol).

So far, I haven’t done too many complicated things, but I am enjoying what I have been able to make.  Some items are simple designs that you don’t need to personalize.  And some of the items are fun custom-made items like family signs or Mom signs.  Really, the sky is the limit for what all I can make on the Glowforge, but I’m starting small with my ideas and products and going from there!

I have been enjoying learning some new skills with having the Glowforge too. I’m learning more about leather, which I really didn’t know much about before, and  I’m also learning  about different types of wood.   

At this time all the wooden signs are made of Oak wood that I picked up at a local planning mill.  And the wooden earrings are made from hardwood that Glowforge specifically has produced to use for the Glowforge.   You can pick from 4 different types of wood for your earrings: Walnut, Maple, Red Oak, or Cherry.   The leather earrings are all made of genuine leather. 

Though my focus on new products will be more geared to what I make on my Glowforge, I still have a ton of my other personalized items available. 

If you haven’t looked at my shop recently and checked out some of my new items, head on over and get a look at all the new things available!

Have some ideas that you would like to see made and sold at my store?  I would love to hear them!  I’m always looking for new inspiration.


Interested in getting a Glowforge?  Use this link to get up to $500 off! https://glowforge.us/r/KQIRKPTI 



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